Sandra Shaw: Pool Girl Extraordinaire Ready to Save the Day

With the approach of summer and as the steamy, smoldering temperatures in Mississippi continue to rise, everyone is dreaming of cooling off in crystal clear waters of their own tropical paradise found in their very own backyard pool. Imagine your disappointment if you are ready for a dip in the pool and turn to your own personal retreat only to find out that you’ve got green water, algae, a broken pump, or a variety of other pool dilemmas when you were just so ready for a chance to sink your toes in that refreshing water. What’s a person to do when these disasters happen, and the temps just won’t let up and only continue to rise?

Never fear. Sandra Shaw, the pool girl extraordinaire, is always there to save the day. Some consider her their very own pool super hero after she has saved the day for many a pool lover’s plan for that festive pool party or maybe just a relaxing float in the water. That’s when it’s time to call in a professional to handle the situation. Although many would think that a guy would show up at your door when you put in an emergency call about a pool disaster, this Red Bay, Alabama, native has proven her expertise in this field and her exceptional skills in this area are widely known and appreciated. Many pool owners consider Shaw their “go to” girl for any and all pool related issues.

Although Shaw seems to be a natural in this field, she readily admits that owning her own company was never a dream that she harbored as she was growing up, but her love of the water never left her. “I have always liked swimming and just water in general,” Shaw said. “I never really thought about owning my own business until 2016.”

Since that day, word has spread quickly about this female pool dynamo, and business has been booming as many pool owners depend on Shaw for all of their pool needs. Even though this field has been historically dominated by men, Shaw is pioneering the way for women in this industry. Even though most people think of pool maintenance as a man’s job or world, Shaw said that she has never faced any discrimination based on her gender from clients, customers, or pool owners.

Sandra Shaw’s business, Pool Girl Maintenance, came about when Shaw, devoted pool and water lover, decided that she no longer wanted to work for someone else and started her own business in April of 2016. Shaw’s career in this field began over two decades ago, and she has gained a wealth of knowledge concerning this area.

“I started in the pool business March 27, 1989, at Dixie pools,” Shaw said. “I went in and told the owner that I needed a job, and that I didn’t care if it paid minimum wage. She hired me, and the rest is history.”

And Shaw has never regretted a minute of her chosen career path. Even though Shaw now owns her own business, she often takes over most all of the duties of the company herself. From pool openings to closings, to weekly maintenance and repair work to pool equipment, Shaw does it all. There’s no job too big or too small for Shaw when it comes to pool upkeep, and Shaw’s devoted following and customers continue to grow and depend on her expertise, often asking her what type of chemicals are needed for their pools, how to maintain their pool through the winter, and a variety of other pool-related issues.

Shaw loves owning her own business and the freedom it allows her, but she admits that the call of the great outdoors and contact with customers are her favorite responsibilities. “What I definitely like most about my job is that I get to be outside all the time, and I love being able to talk to my customers face to face,” Shaw said. “I love working with pools and pool equipment, but those are definitely my favorite tasks.”

Shaw’s customers have only sung their praise and appreciation for Shaw and her company. According to Misty Hopkins Welch, Pool Girl Maintenance is “the fastest, most reasonably priced pool person and company” that she has ever used in over 12 years. Welch considers Shaw one of the most efficient, reliable, and honest people in the pool maintenance business. “Sandra is extremely prompt and does what she says she is going to do,” Welch said. “If she says she’s going to be there a certain day, by golly she is. I can text her regarding pool stuff, and she knows what I can do immediately to fix it. If it’s beyond just routine stuff, then she takes care of it herself. Plus, her knowledge on pools is incredible! She goes way above and beyond, and I can tell without a shadow of a doubt that customer satisfaction is her main priority. Thank goodness for Sandra!”

By Judy Smith

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